A few meters from the Town Hall and the many terraces of the Market Square, an urban oasis, Hotel Neuvice opens its doors to you... "En Neuvice"!

"En Neuvice", the name of the only street in Liège that has kept its medieval layout, means "on the new way", and was built in the 12th century to allow merchants arriving in Liège by boat at the Quai de la Goffe to transport their goods. Goods to the daily market that took place on Place du Marché, in front of the town hall.

En Neuvice was the street of goldsmiths and printers in the 18th century. Jean-François Bassompierre, the prince-bishop's printer, also settled there during that period.

During the Belle Epoque, this ancient street in the center of Liège, then one of the richest cities in Europe thanks to its coal and steel industries, was still home to renowned companies.

From the 1970s, the city center moved to the left bank of the Meuse, which, with its more modern constructions, brought an exodus of visitors and commercial activity.

The saga of the renovation works on Place Saint Lambert, an important link between En Neuvice and this new hyper center of the city, caused the historic center to be further neglected by the authorities. En Neuvice began to dwindle, and this continued until the end of the renovation works on Place Saint-Lambert. The end of those activities meant a new starting point for the renewal of the now accessible Historic Heart of the City.

It is in this context that Hotel Neuvice was founded in June 2012. The hotel is small but stylish and reflects the ambition and dynamism of a vibrant neighborhood in the making.

For several years now, En Neuvice has regained its place in the hearts of the people of Liège and has once again become a bustling hot spot of quality shops and craftsmen. The combination of the art of living with respect for heritage and modernity with the integration of all new facilities creates a special atmosphere, with room for all kinds of interactions, a choice of local products, opportunities for craftsmen and makers, social cohesion and an eye for sustainability.

The renovated historic buildings of Hotel Neuvice are part of this spirit and today offer guests a charming retreat in the city's twelve sober yet modern. The library, a relaxation room with fireplace, books and magazines, opens onto the courtyard with a typical 18th-century wooden architecture, an oasis of peace in the city.

In 2013, Hotel Neuvice won the prize of Urbanism of the City of Liège (Prix de L'urbanisme de la ville de Liège 2013 ) and a mention as Heritage of the City of Liège (Prix du Patrimoine et du Matrimoine de Liège).

So staying at Hotel Neuvice also means immersing yourself in more than 500 years of history of the Heart of Liège, embodied by the men and women who proudly live or work there in a spirit of hospitality and generosity.

Did you know?

The buildings renovated by the Hotel Neuvice were once the home and workshop of the famous master printer Jean-François Bassompierre, appointed printer by the Prince-Bishops of the Principality of Liège, and well known for his reprints of Voltaire, Diderot and Mormontel .

Bassompierre is said to have replied to his opponents, angry at his reprints: “Everything good to read is printed in Liège!” … A sacred character that you can still feel during your visit to Cité Ardente.